We are a family owned and operated martial arts school focusing on principles of self discipline and self defense. Our classes consist of interval training exercises, a mix of supervised instruction in the Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu style of martial arts, Muay Thai, and Boxing, with Friday nights reserved for sparring night for students to practice what they learn.

Emphasis on proper technique is key

Practice makes permanent. What you practice has a way of sticking. We focus on doing techniques properly in order to build strength and accuracy, so that as our students progress, good technique becomes permanent.

Education and Fitness all in one

Every class is not only educational, but offers a great workout as well. The nourishment of mind and body is critical in balancing our health. Education feeds the mind, while the physical workout feeds the body. What better workout is there?

Practical application of skills

What good is learning how to defend yourself if you never learn to apply it? We have sparring classes where we teach our students how to use the techniques they learn in a safe setting so that when they get into a situation on the street, they are better prepared to deal with it.