Elijah Smith Sensei (left) with Sean Waugh Kaiso (right)

Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu is a system of martial arts developed by Sean Waugh, Kaiso (Founder).  It is a modern martial art system developed from the culmination of 52 years of experience not only studying martial arts, but working in many security sectors such as a Patrolman for the New South Wales Public Transport Commission, his career as a security specialist where he provided security for numerous entertainment stars, political and religious dignitaries, and over 20 years of bouncing in some of Sydney, Australia’s toughest clubs and pubs.

Kaiso has been taught and influenced by many skilled martial artists throughout his life such as his father Edward (Ted) Waugh, Tom Slaven, Kyoshi, Graeme Appleby, and Koh Beng Soon, Shihan.  He developed the Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu System to teach anyone of any age how to defend themselves.

The Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu System is a non-traditional Martial Art, taught in a non-traditional way. When applied properly, it employs a philosophy of avoiding the attacks of the opponent(s) through proper body motion combined with dynamic and powerful striking in the right places and in the right way, effectively shortening any altercation.

Kaiso describes his system like a recipe… “Yamabushido Kempo is like the recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken…It’s not just what is in the recipe. It’s how the ingredients are combined that brings the real flavor out in the art.” Much like the recipe, Yamabushido Kempo’s “ingredients” include dynamic strikes (punches, kicks, etc.), proper footwork (stances and body alignment), and good body motion (movement and directional changes), and teaches the student how to combine these elements to effectively neutralize an opponent.