If you didn’t find what you were looking for in the rest of the site, perhaps browsing our Frequently Asked Questions will help you find the answers you seek.

You look like a traditional martial arts system, why should I learn from you?

We are not your average dojo. We may look like a traditional karate studio employing the typical karate uniform, but we are considered a mixed martial arts system. We teach a mix of Yamabushido, Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and grappling defenses. We primarily teach Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu which is a system developed by Kaiso Sean Waugh drawing on his years of experience in the martial arts, law enforcement, and body-guarding for many high profile clients. This helps us measure and determine the student’s progress and knowledge level so we can track the skills that we have taught, and the skills we have yet to teach, however the instruction at Mountain Storm Self Defense Comprises many aspects of martial arts in addition to the primary curriculum.

Do you teach grappling?

We train to defend against the grappling moves, get off the ground, and to handle multiple attacker scenarios rather than the one on one methods developed for sport fighting. While the cage fighting you see in the UFC is developed for mma fighters, many of the philosophies employed and much of the marketing would have people believe that a grappling art is the superior art. It is great as a sport and works well in the cage, but it does not always translate in a real world fight scenario. Sports have rules so fighters can compete in relative safety. Real world fights on the street don’t have rules. Grappling is primarily meant for a one on one scenario. In street situations, you can’t count on only having one opponent. We train for street scenarios and our focus is not solely on grappling. We focus on defending against the grappling, and learning how to handle multiple attacker scenarios.

Where does your system come from?

The Yamabushido Kempo Jutsu system originates from Australia and prior to that its roots hail from Okinawa, Japan. For more information please see the About Us page and the About Yamabushido page.

What is the difference between a Martial Art System and a Martial Art Style?

A system of martial arts employs a patterned way of teaching, or a curriculum. This ensures that the instructor knows what has been taught to the student, and how to expand on the knowledge a student already has so the student can regularly progress in the art.  It is very similar to how schools track their student’s progression.

Students must first learn the alphabet letters before they can combine them to make words. After they learn words, they can then combine the words to make sentences.  A martial arts system works much the same way. A student must learn how to throw a proper punch or kick, parry, or block, before they can use them in a combination.  A system is a patterned way to teach these principles and track the student’s progress so they can improve and learn more.

A style is a person’s interpretation of martial arts and how to perform the moves.

Why haven’t I seen you before?

We are a small studio located in Clearfield, Utah. We advertise in many places primarily in the Clearfield, Utah area, however with the internet and social media there are many avenues for advertising. To advertise everywhere takes a huge budget that most martial arts schools do not have, so we focus on Facebook, Instagram, Google and Bing, and our own website of course, but if you’re reading this site, then you found us! Come in and try out our free trial class!